A modern Composer workflow with WordPress

Updated on 27th August with different methods for getting WordPress packages

This is a guide on how to incorporate a modern Composer workflow into your WordPress builds. This aimed at people who run WordPress websites as a service – typically bespoke theme developers who want to get a bit more out of WordPress as a tool.

This article prerequisites an understanding of Composer; Composer is a great PHP package manager so if you haven’t used it before give it a look. I won’t go into the specifics of how to use it or set it up as there are plenty of great guides on how to do that.

Composer by default installs it’s packages in /vendor/ and adds the contents to the PHP autoloader. When we want to install WordPress, that’s not so much what we want. This article should be useful for anyone that wants to install PHP packages that don’t necessarily follow the composer format.

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Simple redirect unauthenticaed WordPress users

Put this at the top of your template you want to restrict: